Masce, a Los Angeles creative studio, art house with no allegiance to any one medium. Defaults are our archenemy. Immersive installations, films, and design are our performance art—concept to conform—for commercial, art and life purposes. If it’s not real, it’s invisible. Art is real, life is real. We make real. We sell feel. Masce is run by female creative director Dejha Ti.

Dubai Surrealism Masce Lookbook Dejha Ti Female Creative Director
Masce - Riga: Dejha Ti X Rick Feds - Visuals for music  - Dejha Ti Female Creative Director
Lairs of Self Projection Mapping Installation - Los Angeles - Masce - Dejha Ti Female Creative Director
Pepsi Dome - Voodoo Music Festival - Los Angeles - Dejha Ti - Masce - Projection - Female Creative Director
Line Scanner
Hulu Upfront 2015 Video Installation